Friday, May 3, 2013


Raven at Norberta Philbrook Gallery asked some local artists to construct mobiles for the gallery. I delivered mine today. It's called Friend Me; must see to really get it. It's made up of several separate mobiles, and they are being sold individually, so choose your favorite.

Each mobile holds a small book or two on which I painted faces in various styles. The books can be removed for reading, so you get a double treat! The other dangly stuff is old buttons, jewelry parts, old keys, sticks and stones (appropriate, don't you think, Facebookers?), whatever I could find around the house. It was a very therapeutic exercise, kind of like basket weaving.

It's hard to take photos of mobiles, but we managed to get a few to give a suggestion. Fun!

Several other artists participated, including Raven, herself. See her antique hardware mobiles, they are so elegant!

Raven's Antique Hardware Mobiles


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