Friday, June 15, 2018

Red Sky at Night: Peddle Bell Tower, University of Mississippi

Red Sky at Night Peddle Bell Tower University of Mississippi Ole Miss

For my amazing nephew, Heath Lemmonds of Dallas, Texas. Heath is a University of Mississippi graduate (BA, MBA). The tower was built in his freshman year, and was near the ATO house where  he lived.

I used several reference photos for the painting, and chose to accentuate the blue evening shadows and place it against a brilliant red sky to convey the university's colors.

The Peddle Bell Tower and carillon were a gift to the university from Frank and Marge Peddle of Oxford. Heath worked at the University Club while at Ole Miss and often served the Peddles.

More information:

Red Sky at Night: Peddle Bell Tower
Oil on canvas
Prints available


Monday, June 11, 2018

Dr. Lassagne's Bungalow, Eureka Springs

Dr. Lassagne's Bungalow - Eureka Springs, Arkansas

This is a commission for art friend Nanci Green, "Dr. Lassagne's Bungalow" in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Dr. Lassagne built the home around the turn of the 20th Century. He is no relation to Nanci, but her daughter's grandparents (father's side) lived in the home when she was a child, and she has fond memories of playing there almost daily.

Dr. Lassagne's Bungalow
Acrylic on canvas
June, 2018
Commission (prints available)


Friday, March 9, 2018


Clearing - by Tim Logan
After a slow year working on a single painting (yet to be posted) I wanted to take a break and do something a little different than my usual, so this is a journey into a mind's image, a wandering forest trail that leads to a brightly lit clearing. 

Acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas


Monday, March 5, 2018

Rook and Queen - Megan Meredith's New Book

It was a privilege to design the cover for Megan's new book, "The Rook and Queen." Available on Amazon, of course!


Saturday, August 6, 2016

Prints at Frame Fayetteville

Old Main Morning
There's a new shop in town! Aaron Randall's Frame Fayetteville opened recently at 200 College Avenue in Fayetteville. I'm very honored that he asked for several prints of my paintings. Go by and have a look. He's got a great eye for framing, and I'm certain he can help you with any project you need.



Monday, March 7, 2016

Where the Shade Ends Book Cover

Author Megan Meredith asked me to design the cover for her new book, Where the Shade Ends, soon to be available on Amazon!

Had a lot of fun with it, opting for colored pencil on cardboard for the art.

Hope you'll get the book - I believe it comes out in April.


Thursday, December 31, 2015

Papa and Nana

Pencil portraits of my wife's parents, Glyn and Bettie Nell Hollingsworth. Glyn passed away nearly three years ago. Bettie Nell wanted a portrait of him so she could give prints to her three children and seven grandchildren for Christmas. I surprised her by doing a portrait of her as well, and gave both prints to everyone.

These are colored pencil on brown paper.


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Yellow Diamond

"Yellow Diamond" is a new Eurekan architectural I delivered today to Norberta Philbrook Gallery in Eureka Springs. Leslie and I, with my sister, Jo Ellen Logan, drove over on this very beautiful near-fall day and enjoyed lunch at a wonderful little restaurant named "Fresh." Ever had Cream of Parsnip and Anise Soup? Wow, what a treat. Absolutely perfect consistency and temperature, with an exotic flavor I've never tasted before. Must have been the anise.

We dropped the painting off before lunch, promising to return afterward to visit with Ron, who mans the shop on Sundays. When we returned, the painting was in on an easel in the front window awaiting the right buyer! See photo of Jo Ellen peering in below.

The tiny, multifaceted gem of a house is a delightful find, wedged at a tight fork in the road, one tyne going upward, the other downward, a la the wonderful world of Eureka. I photographed it a few times on previous visits, always intrigued by the curious juxtaposition of the little structure with its lacy, Victorian appointments, stained glass windows, and free-form garden and yard decor. It was begging to be painted!

"Yellow Diamond"
Acrylic on canvas (framed)


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sold: New Moon

New Moon - Crescent Hotel - Eureka Springs - by Tim Logan
"New Moon," my Crescent Hotel (Eureka Springs) homage, has found a home! Thank you to Ron and Raven at Norberta Phibrook Gallery in Eureka for arranging the adoption.

"New Moon"
Acrylic and Marker on Canvas
Prints Available


Monday, May 11, 2015

Sold: "Mount Victoria Smiling"

Mount Victoria - Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfast
I'm smiling because "Mount Victoria Smiling" has a new home! Fellow NWA artist, Jan Ironside, purchased it as a gift to her daughter and son-in-law, who spent their honeymoon in the Eureka Springs bed-and-breakfast depicted in the painting.

Mount Victoria Smiling
Acrylic on canvas
Prints available


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Old Main Morning

Old Main at the University of Arkansas is the quintessetial landmark, not only for the campus, but for all of Northwest Arkansas. It's probably one of the most recognizable buildings in the state. I hope I've done it justice. I used a few photographs from the internet to compile the angle and surroundings. I'm indebted to those photographers, and would credit them if their names were available. I wasn't in the mood to get in a helicopter and shoot it myself! Not gonna do it.

This painting was the request of my niece Elizabeth's husband, Luke Harper, who is finishing seminary at Mid America Seminary in Memphis and is on the staff of Bartlett Baptist Church in Bartlett, Tennessee. He wanted a little bit of Arkansas (they both graduated from U of A) for his office.

Old Main Morning by Tim Logan
I've been working on it in spurts since late October (2014), and finally called it finished a couple of weeks ago. Luke reports that the painting is no longer bound for his office, but for the mantlepiece of their home. I'm honored.

Old Main Morning
Oil on canvas
Prints Available (contact me)

Luke, Elizabeth, and Elton (my grandson) at delivery of the painting:


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sold: Basin Spring

This one has a new home with Pat and Lee from Out on Main Gallery. So sorry to see the gallery close, but it sounds as though they have great plans and new directions, so I wish them well!

Thanks for the time in the gallery, and for helping a number of paintings find homes.

Basin Spring
Acrylic and Marker on Canvas
Prints available (contact me)


Monday, October 13, 2014

Sold: Night and Day: Basin Park Hotel

Night and Day - Basin Park Hotel Eureka Springs by Tim Logan
I couldn't decide whether it was day or night, so it's both. An amalgamation. Night and Day, you are the one. All dressed up for a night on the town. Night time is the right time. Blue moon. Red sky at night. Red sky at morning. Moonlight becomes you. Sunrise, sunset. Make of it what you will.

This is by request from Pat and Lee at Out on Main Gallery in Eureka, for one of their regular clients. Hope they enjoy!

Night and Day
Acrylic on canvas
Prints Available


Friday, September 12, 2014

Sold: Modern Times

Modern Times by Tim Logan
"Modern Times" sold on September 12 at the A Street Gallery in Bentonville. Thanks, Scott, for a quick sale! The man who constructed and installed the "modern" sign is a Texas 3-D sign artist. He was commissioned by a "local family" to do this sign, and he said he's supposed to be doing more, but that was a while ago and I haven't seen any yet. Hope we do! This sign is in a back-alley behind Table Mesa Restaurant (on the square).

"Modern Times"
Acrylic and marker on canvas


Monday, September 8, 2014

West Africa Indigo

West Africa Indigo by Tim Logan
A lovely lady from a small village in West Africa. We walked what seemed like twenty miles (probably was about five) in 110-degree heat to attend a celebration for a new baby (photos below). The entire village was present, each person dressed in their finest. They danced and ate and visited, and included us in all the festivities. Mike (pastor) spoke a few words at their request.

There's no way to convey the level of joy that permeated the gathering. It was beautiful to see how they valued a new life enough to put everything they had into a community celebration.

This painting is part of an exhibition at Grace Point Church (September/October, 2014), along with a number of works from very accomplished local artists. Please contact me for purchase information.

"West Africa Indigo"
Oil on canvas