Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Carter in Pencil

Wonderful Bentonville resident and one of its chief personalities and promoters, the inimitable Steve Gunter, asked me to produce a pencil drawing of his grandson, Carter. Here he is! Thank you Steve, and thank you for spreading the word about my work. You are a Facebook fiend (and friend)!

Steve is a pioneer in the Bentonville area, having moved here from South Arkansas in 1974 to teach in our school system. I'm sure it was a rather beautiful, but very different landscape then. There was no Walmart presence as we know it now. There were hardly any chickens. He and I had a wonderful discussion about pencils (and how best to sharpen them) when I delivered the drawing at Pressroom. He's a pencil freak, as well, and posts daily photos of his fascinating sketches, poems, random thoughts, and Sherman, his green plastic sidekick at the fabulous 21c Hotel, where Steve is Ambassador of Good Will in his position at the front door.

Go to my PENCIL page for information on commissions.

Carter by Tim Logan
Pencil, 14"x17"


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