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"New Moon"
Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs

Old Main Morning by Tim Logan

"Old Main Morning"
Old Main at the University of Arkansas

"Three Uprights on the Bentonville Square, June 2012"

Tall Shadows by Tim Logan

"Tall Shadows"
A scene in a village, Mali, West Africa

"St. James Episcopal Church, Eureka Springs"

Mount Victoria Smiling, Bed and Breakfast, Eureka Springs by Tim Logan

"Mount Victoria Smiling"

"Night and Day" Basin Park Hotel, Eureka Springs, by Tim Logan

"Night and Day"
(Basin Park Hotel, Eureka Springs)

First Baptist Church Eureka Springs by Tim Logan

"First Baptist Church, Eureka Springs"

Basin Spring Park in Eureka Springs by Tim Logan

"Basin Spring Park"
Eureka Springs

"Jewel on Sixth"

Laughlin House by Tim Logan

"Laughlin House"
Bed and Breakfast in Bentonville, Arkansas

"Just a Sample"
This is a "sample house" that was constructed in the 1800s to demonstrate building styles in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

The Blind Elder by Tim Logan

"The Blind Elder"
From a village in Mali, West Africa

More Shops by Tim Logan

"More Shops"
Eureka Springs, Main Street

Crafty Business by Tim Logan

"Crafty Business"
This painting was the cover of the 2013 Northwest Arkansas Craft Fairs brochure.

Welcome Home by Tim Logan

"Welcome Home"
Monument sign on Central in Bentonville

Penn Memorial First Baptist Church Eureka Springs by Tim Logan

"Penn Memorial"
First Baptist Church, Eureka Springs

Chapel on the Creeks with Crosses by Tim Logan

"Chapel on the Creeks with Crosses"
Rogers, Arkansas

Chapel on the Creeks by Tim Logan

"Chapel on the Creeks"
Rogers, Arkansas

Appeeling Prospect by Tim Logan

"Appeeling Prospect"
The Peel Mansion, Bentonville, Arkansas

1866 Bentonville Schoolhouse by Tim Logan

"1866 Bentonville Schoolhouse"
Bentonville, Arkansas
The original structure was covered by a century of bad renovations and remodels, and as they were tearing the building down to make way for a parking lot, they discovered the gem beneath and decided to restore it. It is now the home of the Benton County Historical Society.

"Corner Barber Shop"
Bentonville, Arkansas

About That Time by Tim Logan

"About That Time"
These fellows sell beef at the Bentonville Farmers' Market.

Sanctuary by Tim Logan

Before they "fixed it up."

Rothko Arrives by Tim Logan

 "Rothko Arrives"
Celebrating the arrival of Rothko No. 210/210 (Orange)
at Crystal Bridges Museum, October, 2012

Holiday by Tim Logan - Holiday Inn Sign

Celebrating the Holiday Inn Sign

Townhouse in Red by Tim Logan

"Townhouse in Red"

Mid-Morning Light by Tim Logan

"Mid-Morning Light"

Mustache Window by Tim Logan

"Mustache Window"
A window decoration of the Mustache shop in Bentonville

American Flag on the Bentonville Square by Tim Logan

"American Flag at the Bentonville Square, June 2012"

"Trees of the Field"

This is the little church and cemetery in Mississippi where many from my mother's family are buried.

I'm Here Where RU by Tim Logan

"I'm Here, Where R U"
Print on display at Flying Fish Restaurant, Bentonville

Unframed archival-quality prints are also available of these and other drawings.
8"x10" or custom-order any size - please contact for pricing.

Laughlin House Ben and Breakfast - by Tim Logan
 "Laughlin House Bed and Breakfast"

About That Time - Bentonville  Convention and Visitors' Bureau - by Tim Logan
"About That Time"
(Bentonville Convention and Visitors' Bureau)

Crystal Bridges Light and Shadow by Tim Logan

"Crystal Bridges Light and Shadow"

  Walnut Farm Montessori School I by Tim Logan
" Walnut Farm Montessori School I"

   Walnut Farm Montessori School II by Tim Logan 
"Walnut Farm Montessori School II"

  Walnut Farm Montessori School III by Tim Logan 
  "Walnut Farm Montessori School III"

Chapel on the Creeks by Tim Logan
"Chapel on the Creeks"

Crystal Bridges Aluminum Tree by Tim Logan
"Crystal Bridges Aluminum Tree"

Nana's House by Tim Logan
"Nana's House"

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