The originals are ink on art paper, and prints are available for each. Many more where these came from. Holler if you've got a favorite house or building, and I'll ink it up.

Contact for pricing if you don't find what you want at Out on Main Gallery or A Street Gallery.

Crystal Bridges Light and Shadow by Tim Logan
"Crystal Bridges Light and Shadow"

Laughlin House Ben and Breakfast - by Tim Logan
 "Laughlin House Bed and Breakfast"

About That Time - Bentonville  Convention and Visitors' Bureau - by Tim Logan
"About That Time"
(Bentonville Convention and Visitors' Bureau)

  Walnut Farm Montessori School I by Tim Logan
 "Walnut Farm Montessori School I"

   Walnut Farm Montessori School II by Tim Logan 
"Walnut Farm Montessori School II"

  Walnut Farm Montessori School III by Tim Logan 
  "Walnut Farm Montessori School III"

Chapel on the Creeks by Tim Logan
"Chapel on the Creeks"

Crystal Bridges Aluminum Tree by Tim Logan
"Crystal Bridges Aluminum Tree"

Nana's House by Tim Logan
"Nana's House"

Two Vases Two Flowers by Tim Logan
"Two Vases, Two Flowers"

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