Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sold: 1866 Bentonville School House

1866 Bentonville School House by Tim Logan
I'm happy that this has a good home. It's one of my favorite buildings in Bentonville, and has a fabulous story. Can you imagine starting to tear down a dilapidated old eyesore of a building, only to discover a gem of history and architecture beneath? That's what happened when the city of Bentonville started to demolish this home, which had been added-to, updated, scabbed over for decades, to the point that its original purpose as a schoolhouse was long forgotten and obscured. They managed to peel away the layered exterior and expose its original beauty, and now it's one of the most admired and beloved spots in town. You'll find it just northwest of the square near the Bentonville water tower.

1866 Bentonville School House
Mixed media on canvas
Prints available at Norberta Philbrook Gallery in Bentonville or Out on Main Gallery in Eureka Springs


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