Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Still alive!

Hello, everyone, just a note to say I'm still here! Haven't been painting since my last post because I had a heart attack on April 1 (no fooling), 2020. Subsequent triple-bypass surgery combined with the universal Covid-19 quarantine kept me safe at home for a while until we gradually returned to work at the church. We're back in full force now! I've lost about 35 pounds (+/-) and I'm feeling great! I can tell such a difference from the way I felt for several years before my heart attack. I'm very thankful for my incredible wife and children, who worked as God's hands to help in my recovery. 

And the saga continues with shoulder surgery in January. That was the result of a fall that happened a couple of months after my heart surgery. I've recovered from that as well (though I may never be 100% in that area). 

Chapter 3: Earlier this year it was necessary for me to spend a great amount of time with my sister, Jo Ellen Logan, as she became very ill with liver cirrhosis and other issues. She declined quickly and passed away on April 2, 2021. It was very hard for our family and her many friends, of course. She wasn't married and had no children, so it was on us to take care of everything. A challenge, but one of the great tasks we all face in this life. 

I do plan to paint again! I wanted to wait until I really wanted to get with it, and in coming days, I think that's going to happen. In addition, my daughter borrowed my easel over a year ago, and I'm waiting for her to return it. Hint, hint.

One change in my painting life: no more commissions. I think those things may have contributed to my heart condition! : ) I really stress out over them, as I've heard many artists say. 

See you soon (?) with posts about new work. Thanks for your words of appreciation for my art and for your prayers for my health and sanity (double-up on that last one, please). 



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