Sunday, September 15, 2013

Trois Elephants

Trois Elephants by Tim Logan

Trois Elephants
Three 18"x24" canvasses, acrylic

For my wonderful daughter, Anna Katherine and her husband, Zach! She's been wanting something for the living room wall in their home, and I've been putting her off due to other painting obligations, but I had a gap this week and decided to jump in. She likes elephants. Three should do nicely. Hope you and Zach enjoy.

What do elephants do for extra money?
They babysit bluebirds on Saturday nights.
Why is it dangerous to go into the jungle on Saturday nights?
Because that's when the elephants are jumping out of the trees after babysitting bluebirds.
Why are pygmies so small?
They didn't listen to good advice about when one shouldn't go into the jungle. 

Always listen to good advice.


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