Thursday, October 20, 2011

Shopping Local

(Disclaimer: I really do support local shopping, in fact, encourage it. But there are times when it just doesn't work.)

Someone suggested via text that I buy a thing I wanted at a local store.

My pre-deletion reply:

You mean like researching the thing I want online without clicking "Buy with one click," then getting in a car and driving to my local Thing Store through traffic and construction and then parking in a very tight space (exiting very carefully so as not to ding the little red sports car next to me) and walking (!) inside and looking for the thing for twenty minutes and then trying to find a sales-teen and then, once found, teaching the sales-teen what the thing is and what it does and why I don't want that one I want this one, and then standing in a line while the sales-teen talks to somebody about beer for twenty minutes and then waiting another twenty minutes while he learns how to use the check-out machine and gets help from another sales-teen and asks me a bunch of personal questions so the store can send me a bunch of junky emails about buying more things and then getting back in my car (now nicely dinged by little red sports car) and driving through traffic and construction and then parking and getting out of my dinged car and walking back in and finding out the thing doesn't work and having to get back in my dinged car and go back to the Thing Store to ask for a working thing and being told, "We're all out of that thing, but you can get one at Thing Store Online."

Love shopping local.

My post-deletion reply:



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