Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mount Victoria Smiling

I delivered "Mount Victoria Smiling" to Out on Main Gallery in Eureka Springs today. What a drive. The dogwoods were in full bloom and there was a constant string of them from Bentonville to E.S. Looked like a blizzard.

Mount Victoria Smiling by Tim Logan
I took some photos of this wonderful Eureka Springs bed and breakfast last year, and it's been on my "to be painted" list since then. Actually, I used a photo from the internet to paint this because I liked the straight-on view better and I didn't have one like that. I departed from my usual paint/marker combination on this one. It's all paint.

My wife, Leslie, walked in after it was completed and said, "It's smiling!" Hence the name.

Mount Victoria Smiling
Acrylic on canvas
18"x24", Framed


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