Friday, June 21, 2013

Sold: Laughlin House, Bentonville

Laughlin House by Tim Logan
Ah, the Laughlin House.

I've taken photos of it for over a year, trying to get the personality right. I think it's a little spooky, but we must also say it laughs (can't avoid that one). It's not crazy, but it looks like it's just waiting to tickle you. It's not one of those over-the-top B&Bs. It's contained, yet it flows gently. It's majestic, yet it's understated. I think there's ore in there, waiting to be discovered.

So, how to paint it? I don't really do understated. I've just gotta laugh.

Laughlin House
16"x20" mixed media on canvas
Norberta Philbrook Gallery, Bentonville

Dear Raven states on the gallery's FB page:
"Painter Tim Logan's most recent work. Laughlin House Bed and Breakfast. It's gorgeous. We debuted it this morning and we're happy that we were able to enjoy it for an hour and seventeen minutes before it sold."

I'm humbled and grateful for the sale!


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