Thursday, December 6, 2012

1866 Bentonville Schoolhouse

1866 Bentonville Schoolhouse by Tim Logan
This is the 1866 Bentonville Schoolhouse that was just recently discovered and restored, and is now the home of the Benton County Historical Society. The city was going to tear it down to build a parking lot, but when they started stripping away a century of patches, remodels, and makeovers, found clear indications of its original design and purpose. Hallelujah! Stories like that are inspiring and offer hope, not just for buildings, but for people!

1866 Bentonville Schoolhouse
16"x20" Acrylic and Marker on Canvas
11"x14" Archival Ink Prints available ($90)

See this painting at the Norberta Philbrook Gallery in Bentonville.


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