Monday, May 12, 2008


BP better now. Kinda light-headed at times. Can't get up quickly without getting dizzy. Dizzy.

So the sun is out today. Lots of rain lately. We planted a garden. One tomato (Better Boy), four basil, one dill, one oregano, sprinkled lots of cilantro seeds in various places. Lots of cilantro will come up. But it's rained so much two of the basil plants drowned. Lots of rain.

Tornadoes on Saturday. Lots of tornadoes lately, too.

The hammock is hung by the play set with care, in hopes that our bodies soon will be there. It's a bit cramped, but might be o.k.

Gotta go take Joseph some shoes. He broke one of his sandals and is flip flopping in unatural ways.

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