Friday, January 25, 2008

Tim Logan admits a ruse

Okay, I confess. You want to know why that last post was titled as it was? Just so I could put my name in the title. That's all. The rest of the title just happened to be what I was thinking at the moment and it was an excuse to make my fingers tappity-tap. I want to see if our almighty search engines rev to the cause. Timmy is curious about such things. Timmy thinks search engines are the AntiChrist. At least, they are in colusion with same. Do they see us? Are they watching right now? Tim Logan thinks they are. Tim Logan thinks that if it weren't for search engines, ninety-nine per cent of the internet would flit away like a moth. A tiny little moth. Tim Logan thinks so. But you know, what Tim Logan thinks is about as important as three little dots.


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